The Crowning Glory of Adobe Acrobat DC

The Crowning Glory of Adobe Acrobat DC

The previous versions of Adobe only allowed additions in the text and a substitute font to make inconspicuous changes in the document. Adobe Acrobat DC makes it feasible to add or edit the text in the original format, which the earlier versions didn’t allow.

To recapitulate, Adobe Acrobat DC possesses impressive qualities and is the most wonderful service ever. The speed and power with which it works will definitely blow your mind. 


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC can run seamlessly on almost every Windows and OS X release, with semi-developed versions of Acrobat Mobile for iOS and Android releases. Talking about the Fill and Sign mobile application, this advanced feature, available with or without DC subscription, enables users to access the existing PDF files. The subscribers with Acrobat Pro plan can convert a photo into a PDF that can be accessed anytime.

The Interface

The Interface is the most commendable thing we see in the latest software from the house of Adobe. It is powered by a wide range of features, such as full-text indexing and redaction, that displays a scintillating action to the viewers. The newly-built search feature enables a user to enter the first letters of the tool, which makes it appear in the right for the access of the users. The quick tools are the modern features that help in quick customization. The interface becomes touch-enabled when it is used on Microsoft Surface 3, or other touch-based computing platforms.