Technology and Ethics to be regulated

Technology and Ethics to be regulated

In the field of engineering, science and technology advanced society of engineers named IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) defines a number of organizational ethical conducts in its domain being progressive. In recognition of the importance of technologies in the quality of life throughout the world, and in accepting a personal obligation to our profession, its members and the communities in an effort committed to the highest ethical and professional conducts are defined.

For example, taking responsibility for decisions consistent with the safety, health and welfare of the population, and promptly disclose factors that may endanger the public or the environment. Always be honest and realistic in stating claims or estimates based on available data. Maintaining and improving technical competence to adopt and technological tasks for others if they are qualified by training or experience, or after full disclosure of pertinent limitations.

These rules and defined procedures for technology advancement are very effective for organizations with more standardized environment. There are many examples in history, projects or facilities that are not collapse ethical behavior. For the application of the external social pressure, it has become an important engine in the ethics of business organization.

This is especially true for small businesses or businesses in smaller communities. Companies need to pay more attention to the ethical and social expectations in the areas of pay citizen participation in general and environmental responsibility. The information age has contributed significantly to this increase in the importance of social pressure, word quickly spreads when firms adapt to any social ethics.

Legal and ethics are to perform as standards and methods; a certain kind of behavior and action. However, it is not the respective scope and application. Legal action or behavior can be applied to a broader scope and objective basis, taking into ethics. While ethical procedures apply individually and have its basis in morality. Both judge a behavior or action, either right or wrong in their views.