Samsung Ativ Book 9 Laptop Is Expected To Compete Macbook Air

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Laptop Is Expected To Compete Macbook Air

Are you looking forward to buying a new laptop? You must be aware that Samsung is competing with Apple in more or less every gadget. Even the laptops are not an exception. Samsung is launching ATIV Book 9 Laptop, which might become the biggest competitor of Macbook Air from Apple.

It is designed to be a window based ultrabook, and would satisfy large numbers of users on using the laptop. Till date, this laptop is also the latest of all laptops manufactured by the company so far. In addition to that, it is also the first laptop that would be powered by an Intel Core M processor.

This ensures that devices can go fanless and save lots of power. Along with the improvement in the battery life, the performance of the laptop would also increase to a great extent. The price of the base model has been fixed to $1199.99. Compared to the features available, the prices are worth it.

It is an all-aluminum ultrabook 0.46 inches thick and 2.09 pounds. In fact, it is the lightest laptop the Book 9 series. As far as the features are concerned, Samsung has given greater attention to audio this time and is built on Wolfson lossless audio player. It is also comes with native FLAC support.

It comprises of 4GB Ram and 128 GB SSD. In addition to that, it also comes available in 8GB memory and larger version of 256 GB SSD. Visually, it is similar to other offerings from the recent lineup of Samsung.