IBM acquires an unspecified Tech from Blekko

IBM acquires an unspecified Tech from Blekko

IBM has acquired an unspecified Tech from web search engine company Blekko. Blekko is best known for its challenge to google in 2011 in the field of removing spams from search engines. The company’s CEO could not be reached for comments.

Blekko was founded in 2007 by Rich Kenta best known as the founder of Newhoo which was acquired by Netscape. Blekko is one of many search engines whcich came up in the last decade which could not replace Google from its dominant place in the search engine market.

Blekko got a $24 million in Venture Capital and created quite a buzz in 2011 with its proclaimed superior spam filter mechanism. However, the edge did not last as Google caught up and the company has not been in news for the last two years.

IBM has possibly acquired the search engine from the company as the same was posted by the company in a release statement.

With this it seems clear that the dominant position Google has in the search engine market is secured. The remarkable ability of the company to adapt on short notice and its overwhelming dominance in the search engine market have till now fend off any competitors.