What would you change on your Android device ?

What would you change on your Android device ?

Smartphones and tablets are really popular among people, from the young ones, to the older ones.
A lot of people will usually give up from something they really love, in order to save up for a new gadget.

One thing is still pretty common for all those fans, their device still gives them a headache sometimes, and they would still change something, so what would it be ?
Here are some suggestions, but not from us, but from the biggest fans of Android in the world.

1. Long-lasting battery - The good thing about Android smartphones is that they have some many application and such a great design, that you simply fall in love with it instantly. But the problem with, is that our battery " dies " very fast because of it. Even though Google had launched " Project Volta ", fans are still not happy with it.
Their message to creators of Android is not to compete with Apple, but to find a way to make the battery more lasting.

2. Bigger control over some applications - Users of Android are often very mad, because they feel like their applications are too complicated. In many cases you cannot install an application, without that application asking you to have access to your phone. The question they have is - Why they don't have bigger control, when it comes to their phone and applications ?

They simply want to install any program and application, with no complication that Android often brings.