How to Playback Media on PS4

How to Playback Media on PS4

When PS4 was launched some two years back, the biggest concern of the fans was that it did not support the wide range of media playback. This was quite a setback as the PS4 owners do not see this cool device just as a gaming console; for them it is a complete package of entertainment and internet access. Xbox one too had similar concerns, but Microsoft quickly resolved it by adding the support for numerous media playbacks. Sony has also followed suit and now you can play a number of media and view photos on your favourite PS4.

You can easily install a media play on a PS4 gaming console. Here are the steps:

-    Turn the device on and ensure that it is connected to the internet either via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.
-    Go to Library and choose Media Player. You can also find this option on the home screen of the interface. Now press the button X on the gamepad.
-    Now select ‘Download’ and press the X button again.
-    Once the files have been downloaded, they will also get installed. Once the installation process is complete you can use the media player.

Media Player Icon will appear on the home screen of the interface. Connect the device using the USB port from which you want to play the media. Any media stored in the external device (such as pen drive) will appear in the media player and you will be able to make the choice.

Enjoy your favourite media!