Five remarkable inventions that can improve water quality

Five remarkable inventions that can improve water quality

Getting safe and drinkable water is still an important issue as there are many areas of the world where safe water is not available. About 750 million people around the world cannot get safe, drinkable water out of which 90% live in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, as per the World Health Organisation’s statistics. A new report from United Nations revealed that global water resources would be able to meet only 60% of the world’s water demands by the year 2030.

There are various entrepreneurs, innovators and organisations that are working in the direction to create devices that can provide pure water to the people. There are many ways such as LifeStraw where users sip water through a simple, straw-shaped filtration tool, to the LUV Water system which cleans the water using weight and gravity.

There are five inventions that can possibly give safe and pure drinking water to the people. 

The first one is WaterisLIFE’s Drinkable Book. The book is printed on scientifically advanced filter paper, which kills deadly waterborne diseases. Each book of WATERisLIFE can provide a user with clean water for up to four years.

The second solution is LUV Water a low-cost, self-powered water purification system that makes use of the weight of water to rotate the motor, powering UV-LED Lights. These lights are able to kill 99.9 % waterborne diseases.

The third one is UTEC’s water-generating billboard that takes moisture from the humid air and converts it into filtered drinking water.

The fourth is Dean Kamen’s Slingshot water purification system to save lives worldwide.

The fifth invention is LifeStraw which is very useful as people can use this straw to filter water anywhere.