Dangers of Pokemon GO

Dangers of Pokemon GO

Advancement in mobile technology has led to the development of cool mobile apps and games that have massive popularity from across the globe. Pokemon Go is one such application that you should try out sometime. It is a game that allows smartphone users to capture, battle, and even train virtual creatures while on the go.

It is free to play, but there is an in-app purchases platform so you can buy additional gameplay items, such as a Bluetooth wearable device. One of the main highlights of this mobile game is that it lures people who are used to staying indoors and playing computer games all day to get outdoors and socialize with other people who enjoy playing the game.

Since its inception early this month, it has garnered over one million players from all across the globe. It is impossible to walk down a street in the supported cities and not see a group of people catching Pokemon, the main character in this game, or capturing gyms.

However, some dangers are associated with this game. Let us look at two of the most common hazards that should look out for when playing Pokemon GO.

Increased Risk of Car Accident

The game is very addictive and engaging, and so it is recommended not to play if when driving a vehicle. This is because you will not be able to concentrate fully and before you know it, you could ram other cars.

Crime Zones

It is a sad reality that this new era game can be dangerous in some of the city neighborhoods that are not safe. Already, some armed robberies at Pokestops have been reported. The criminals use a lure module to pull in unsuspecting victims. To avert this risk, it is recommendable to play the game with a group of friends or family members instead of wandering around the street or neighborhood alone.

Nonetheless, Pokemon Go is an exciting game that is worth trying, but one needs to be extra careful to avert the mentioned dangers.