Apple's Electric Car to be shipped in 2019

Apple's Electric Car to be shipped in 2019

One of the most successful corporations in the world is planning to release an electric car in 2019. This is what seems to be on the agenda for Apple, which created “Project Titan” to work non-stop on the project. This is a team of more than 600 people with the authorization to hire assistants and triple their number if necessary.

Speculations suggest that they are either planning to release this electric car or to expand into the auto industry. It is a known fact that the company has been hiring former car designers and engineers.

Apple has been pushing its Tesla team to moving forward with the project, according to AppleInsider. The project might even force Apple to partner with an established car manufacturer to keep the project rolling.

The project also includes some legal issues that Apple has to deal with. There are, of course, some legal implications to a self-driving car.  We believe that the project will remain under wraps until its probable release in 2019.

The truth is that there are many speculations about the project itself. The project seems to be developing in a secret facility in Sunnyvale, California with a shell company known as SixtyEight Research working as a cover for Apple’s secretive operations towards the release of the Apple Car. There is evidence that support this claim but nothing concrete just yet.

This project does speak volumes about Apple’s desire to compete with traditional automakers as well as other developers such as Google and Uber.