The OPS XL Full Metal Pro-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The OPS XL Full Metal Pro-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The keyboard of your dreams is a metallic aluminum case that simply reflects what a hard-core gamer you are. With 104 anti-ghosting keys and full N-key rollover function, you will not let down your fellow gaming community.  The amazing thing about this mechanical keyboard is that it can be obtained at a rather inexpensive cost. You can find for as little as $80!

The faceplate is built of aluminum which makes it heavy duty, very important if you are a big pounder. But then, what gamer is not!?

The reaction time of the light show that it comes with can be adjusted to 2 ms, 4 ms, and 8 ms.  It has a rather long cord (6 ft) that allows enough space between the keyboard and the computer.  Given that it is a mechanical keyboard, tapping on the keys requires more strength, which helps avoid mistakes. 

The specs of this awesome keyboard include rather interesting features.  It has a life of 50 million keystrokes, with keys that float, allowing a faster touch response.

As with customization, you got it covered.  The lighting profiles have five preprogrammed profiles:  Direction keys, League of Legends, Blade & Soul, CrossFire, and "gaming standard".  Plus, their brightness can be adjusted to four levels (100%, 75%, 25%, 0%). The adjustments are not made through any software but through 12 multimedia function keys. However, if you prefer to use software, it is compatible with Windows 98+, Mac OSX 10.2+, and Linux.

But it does not stop there.  There are actually six lighting effects:  breathing, wave, marquee, ripple, light shadow, and reactive light, all of which have five different reaction speeds.

The best keyboard for those geeks that want to show off their ultimate gaming skill and at an affordable price.